How to use Medofu meal prep service to your advantage.

The best way to achieve a goal is to PLAN it ahead. This applies to physique transformation as well. You can’t expect to do the same workout and eat the same way and get a different result.

At medofu, we have 2 type of meal prep. The first is standard meal (which combines protein and carbohydrates) and the second is protein pack (which consist of only protein).

Which one is suitable for you?

This you’ll have to answer for yourself. If you are a busy person who doesn’t have time to boil spaghetti, or put rice in a rice cooker, then you should choose the standard meal. The standard meal has a combination of protein and carbs which would make a complete meal.

But, if you can cook the carbs yourself before you go to work, or the night before, then protein packs is the best  choice. That’s because the portion of protein is bigger and the preparation of the protein takes up a longer time. For example, if you take 2 protein packs a day (that would already be 160g of protein covered), you can add a few more protein from eggs or a protein shake.

Since carb preparation won’t take too much time, protein pack will be a better value for money compared to the standard meal.

Prepping for the day

If you have meal prepped up in advanced, you can estimate the remaining amount of calories that you can eat. This way, you will not exceed your total daily calorie limit.

Hit your daily macros GOAL.

Transforming your physique is not that complicated. If you eat right, and train regularly, surely you will see the results. Most people who are stuck normally doesn’t track what they eat, and only train when they feel like it.

Your task is simple, make sure you get enough nutrition throughout the day.

Your goal is:

Being able to translate this number into meal portion is very important. Once you got the hang of it, it will be easy to eye-ball the right portion for whatever meal you could eat if you don’t have your own meals prepped.

For example, your daily goal for protein is 200g. You already have 160g from 2 protein packs prepped up for you. You can have 2 scoops of whey protein, or one scoop and 4 egg whites.

As for the carbs, for example you cooked brown rice. Once cooked, weigh them so that it would not exceed your daily limit. For example your daily limit for carbs is 180g. Make sure you know how much carbs is in 100g of each carb that you are prepping.

As for brown rice, 100g of cooked brown rice has around 20g of carbs. In order to get to 180g, you can eat up to 900g of brown rice. But you wouldn’t want all  of the carbs to come from brown rice would you? That would be quite boring. You can split them up with other carbs, for example sweet potatoes, rice cakes, spaghetti’s or tortilla wraps.