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We now deliver to All Semenanjung Malaysia.

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**You may select your flavor & carbs choice. Vege is available as add-ons. You may select cooked or raw vege. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions before purchasing?

Standard meal is the combination of protein & carbohydrates. You may choose the combination that you’d like. Vege is optional add-on with the meal pack (unless you chose “vege only” as the combination of carbohydrate.)

Protein packs is just protein only with no carbohydrates. This choice is best if you can buy/prepare your own carbohyrates. Also the choice if you’re planning on doing low carb diet and just need the right amount of protein for your diet.

To select the protein packs, choose the option of “No Carbs, Protein Only” under the carbohydrates option.

Yes, please refer to the Nutrition Information page for the detailed break down of macros and calories.

Yes. Everything is cooked

Cooked vege will only last a couple of days even if vacuum packed. If you order ready cooked vege, please keep the meal packs in the freezer.

Raw vege. The raw vege packs is purposely packed raw to keep it fresh longer. 

Prepping the meals is as easy as reheating the meal using a microwave for 1-2 minutes. We suggest you remove the plastic packaging and put on a plate or food container. 

You may serve the meal with any of your favorite sauce.

You may boil them for 5 minutes or saute them with some onion or garlic and the sauce of your choice. 

The meals will be fresh for 1 week if stored in the chiller(1 – 4 Celcius). It can be kept for a month if frozen (0 celciusor lower).

For meals that has cooked vege, we recommend keeping them frozen.

All meals are vacuum packed. Although the meals are vacuum sealed, we advise to immediately store the meals in the fridge once you get it. All the meals are prepped on the same day of delivery. It will be ok within the first 4-5 hours. The sooner you can chill it, the better.

We don’t have specific vegetarian meals at the moment.

First of all, we are 100% muslim bumiputra company. We guarantee all of the meals that we produce are Halal because we buy all the meat and food sources from a halal certified supplier. We are still in the process of applying for JAKIM halal certification.

We use Extra Virgin Olive Oil only in spaghetti. All proteins are baked, so we don’t use any oil with them.

We deliver most of KL & Selangor. You can check our delivery coverage here:

Yes, the delivery charge is calculated according to the distance from our kitchen. 

Please refer to the image above for an estimated amount of delivery charge.

Normally, if you couldn’t get the delivery option, it usually is because google could not detect the location of your address. You can try check the building name or street name that match with google map’s address. 

If you still couldn’t get the delivery option available, you can contact us for help.

Yes. You can come pick up your order by yourself. Please select “Self Pickup” during checkout and pick a date for your collection. You may also contact us (011 3334 6269) to arrange the pickup timing. 

Our kitchen address is:

108, Jalan Hujan Manik, Taman OUG, 58200 Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

You can select the date and time to receive your delivery during checkout. We will inform you when it is out for delivery or available for pickup.

To lose fat, you should consume less calorie than you burn. At the same time, increasing your physical activity to increase your basal metabolic rate. This includes daily cardio routine and 3-4 sessions of resistance training every week.

When you have that checked, you will have to control the amount of food you eat and selecting the right amount of meal portion to help your body maintain the muscle mass and reduce fat. 

We suggest you use our lean physique calculator to estimate your recommended daily calorie intake. This calculator calculates your recommended calorie intake from your current bodyfat percentage & TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure). 

Our standard meal pack has an average calorie of 400 – 500 calories per pack. Protein is 30g – 40g per pack and carbs is 40g per pack.  All you have to do is estimate how many protein/carbs that you need everyday.

We only accept direct bank transfers or credit card through SecurePay/Stripe on this website. 

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